Who can play?

Any player with any skill level is welcome. Come hang out with people who love disc golf. We are running these events to educate new players and promote the game of disc golf. We run excellent tournaments for Amateur players of all skill levels. We had some of the largest fields in the state as well as female participation.

While PDGA membership is not required, PDGA membership does have it's privledges as members receive a discount on events (they are not subject to the $10 fee) and their rounds are rated. Ratings give players a chance to see their improvement and how they stack up against other players.

What's included?

Every amateur gets a pick-your-own player pack valued at $15. This could be a disc, a t-shirt, a DVD, etc. Each entrent is also eligble for CTPs (Closet-to-pin) for their division. If you place well, you have a chance to win even more prizes and even a trophy.

Everyone plays two rounds. Everyone plays the same sets of tees. This will give you a chance to compare your scores with those in the higher divisions.

When will I get home?

Tournament rounds take longer than casual rounds. Typically the event will finish around 5:00 depending on turnout and the length of the course.


These are PDGA events and these rules are followed. There was a new rules update in 2013, be sure you are familiar with them. If you haven't played in a tournament before, please let the TD know when you check-in as he will usually have a first-time tournament player meeting before things get going.

Amateur Divisons

The IOS team feels that the traditional division names (Advanced/Intermediate/Recreational/Novice) can be misleading. There are serious players in the "Recreational" Division and long time players in the "Novice" Division. Rather than use the traditional names, we refer to these divisions numerically: AM I, AM II, AM III, and AM IV with AM I being the amateur division with the highest level of play.

While some tournaments may be elitist and run only the top divisions, we feel there is a place for all who wish to compete. The IOS pioneered the AM IV division recognizing the number of players that are at this level of play.

If you are unsure of which division to play for your first event, please contact the TD and he will be more than happy to help figure out where to begin.

Trophy Only

What is trophy only?
You may pay the trophy only entry fee and play the event. You are playing for a trophy only. If you finish in a position that is awarded a trophy you get the trophy. You do not get a payout if you finish in a prize/cash finishing position.

Why play trophy only?
You may play trophy only for several reasons.
1. Tired of not having a chance to finish in a cashing spot at events? Save a few bucks and play trophy only.
2. Want to test the field and move up a division without paying the full fee? Save a few bucks and play trophy only.
3. Want to try to hit an ace when the ace pool rolls over & it's $750.00? Play both days in a division you wouldn't normally play.

Do I get a player pack when I play trophy only?
If you are playing in an amateur division you get a player pack. If you are playing in a pro division you do not get a player pack.

Can I win CTP's?
Yes, you can participate in all the CTP's that are offered to your division.


IOS tournaments offer a half-in option for players that wish to test the waters in a Professional divsion, but don't want to spend the additional money to see how they will do. The half-in option allows players to enter the division at half the cost, but if they finish in a cashing position, they only receive half of what placing in that position would normally payout. The half that the player did not receive is awarded up to higher finishing spots. A fuller description of Half-in is avaiable on the Discotinuum message boards.


PDGA charts will be followed for payouts to all divisions.

Reward Dollars are paid out to all amateur divisions except Juniors. Juniors get a $15.00 player pack and play for a trophy only. Our event value typically runs at about 140% of the entry fees for Amateurs.

All Pro's play for cash.
Payout Policy: Cash and prizes, including CTPs, not claimed during the awards ceremony are donated to the tournament process unless other arrangements have been made with the TD that day.

Event trophies are hand made or dyed trophy discs. They are quite simplistic and represent what place you finish if you win one. This is done to keep the payouts fatter instead of purchasing more expensive trophies that are just as lame and weaken the payouts.

Reward Dollars?

Per PDGA rules for Amateur divisions, all Amateurs are paid in merchandise rather than cash. Reward Dollars can be used for any of the disc golf related merchandise for sale at the event. By using this method, you get to pick your prize rather than the Tournament Director! Reward Dollars are good all year long and can be saved and used at subsequent events.

Paper Or Plastic Sports is our exclusive vendor and pride themselves on having one of the largest selections of discs available catering to the tournament player. Reward dollar prices are at MSRP, but discs can also be bought at a discount when using US currency.

Refund Policy

The Illinois Open Series follows the refund policies and procedures as outlined in the 2016 PDGA Competition Manual.

Series Points

This series is set up for fun and competition. Overall champions win a trophy and bragging rights. If you play any day of the Illinois Open Series you are automatically entered into the series. It costs no extra fee to enter the series. There will be no deductions from tournament payouts to pay for overall series champion trophies.

Points only count in the division in which they are earned. For example, if Bruce plays Advanced at the first event and receives 12 points then plays advanced masters at the next event and earns 12 points, he does not have a total of 24 points. He would have 12 points in advanced and 12 points in advanced masters.

Participants will be awarded one point for each tournament entered and one point for each player they beat in their division.

A player who DNFs (Does Not Finish), will receive 0 (zero) points for that tournament.

Overall points will be calculated from best 5 of 7 events. Players must play in a division four times to be considered competing for series points in that division.

Ties are broken by a sudden death playoff at the final event of the year.

Series Division Qualification Exceptions

There is no division exception for series players whose rating rises during the season. Ratings cut-offs are strictly enforced.

Series Ace Pool

Ace Pool is open all day during the normal rounds. Aces during playoffs do not qualify.
Multiple aces are split.
All ace pools that are not hit will rollover to the next day or event.
If there is money remaining at the end of the series that money will be rolled over to 2017.
Ace Pot is capped at $750, any extra is rolled over to next day or event.

Series Points for Clubs

Introducing series points for clubs! At this point it is just for bragging rights, but we thought we'd experiment with a team/club component to the series.
Points are as follows:
If a player places in one of the 5 major divisions (MPO, Am1-am4), they will earn their club points
1st = 10 pts
2nd = 5 pts
3rd = 3 pts
In the smaller divisions where there are at least two players from different clubs participating:
1st = 5 pts
If a club has more than 10 players participating on a given day, they will earn 10 bonus points.
When you checkin, show the your bag tag for the club you are competing for and we will note it on your leader board card. The bag tag is required; no tag, no points! Note that this is just for identification purposes, the IOS team is does not have the manpower to compute/run tags for all of the participating clubs.
This may get tweaked through the year based on how things go and the feedback we receive. Please let us know what you think.