Saturday Sunday
Open (MPO) Pro Women (FPO)
  Pro Masters (MPM)
Am II (MA2) Am I (MA1)
  Advanced Master (MM1)
  Advanced Grand Master (MG1)
  Advanced Sr Grand Master (MS1)
Am IV (MA4) Am III (MA3)
  Am Women (FW1-FW4)
  Juniors < 16 (MJ2, FJ2)

Please note in your planning that some events in 2014 are two day and some are one day events.

A note on amateur divison names: The IOS team feels that the traditional division names (Advanced/Intermediate/Recreational/Novice) can be misleading. We will instead refer to them as AM I, AM II, AM III, and AM IV. See the FAQ page for more info.

Entry Fees

Pro - $50
Am - $30
Jr - $20 (Trophy Only)
Proof of current PDGA membership or $10 non-member fee required
Junior divisions are exempt from the membership requirements.
Discount fees: Half-in for Pro divisions ($25), Trophy Only for Am divisions ($20).

If spaces are still available, new registrations will be taken before 8:30am, but will be subject to a an extra $5 walk-up fee.


Check-in: 7:30-8:30am
Players meeting 8:45am
The lunch break will end 1 hour from the last card being turned in. Don't be late. We will get started on time.
The awards ceremony will start as soon as possible.