Saturday Sunday
Open (MPO) Pro Women (FPO)
  Pro Masters (MPM)
Am II (MA2) Am I (MA1)
  Advanced Master (MM1)
  Advanced Grand Master (MG1)
  Advanced Sr Grand Master (MS1)
Am IV (MA4) Am III (MA3)
Am Women (FW2,FW4) Am Women (FW1, FW3)
  Juniors < 16 (MJ2, FJ2)

Please note in your planning that some events in 2015 are two day and some are one day events.

A note on amateur divison names: The IOS team feels that the traditional division names (Advanced/Intermediate/Recreational/Novice) can be misleading. We will instead refer to them as AM I, AM II, AM III, and AM IV. See the FAQ page for more info.

Entry Fees

Pro - $50
Am - $30
Jr - $20 (Trophy Only)
Proof of current PDGA membership or $10 non-member fee required
Junior divisions are exempt from the membership requirements.
Discount fees: Half-in for Pro divisions ($25), Trophy Only for Am divisions ($20).

If spaces are still available, new registrations will be taken before 8:30am, but will be subject to a an extra $5 walk-up fee.


Check-in: 7:30-8:30am
Players meeting 8:45am
The lunch break will end 1 hour from the last card being turned in. Don't be late. We will get started on time.
The awards ceremony will start as soon as possible.

Checkin is required. If you are late for checkin, there is a chance that your spot could be sold. Do not try to phone/email/message/text the tournament staff during checkin to say that you will be late. They are busy taking care of the players who are present.